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Journal Papers


Journal Papers

Conference Papers



Journal Papers
    • Circuit Modeling Methodology for UWB Omnidirectional Small Antennas,” by S. Wang, A. Niknejad and R. Brodersen, IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Communications: Special Issue on Ultra-wideband Communications (Special Issue on Ultra-Wideband Wireless Communications – Theory and Applications), v.24(4), April 2006, pp. 871-877.  
    • Ultra-Wideband Transmitted Reference Systems,”  by Y. Chao and R. Scholtz, IEEE Trans. on Vehicular Technology (Special Section on Ultra-wideband (UWB) Wireless Communications – A New Horizon), v. 54(5), September 2005, pp. 1556-1569.   
    • Ultrawideband Radio:† A Tutorial,”  by R. A. Scholtz, David Pozar, and Won Namgoong, EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing (Special Issue on Ultrawideband Radio), pp. 252-272, vol. 3, 2005.
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