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Lab Equipment

Item Manufacturer Model Number
Oscilloscope, 100MHz Tektronix 2232
PC Board Milling Router T-Tech 7000
Conical Log Spiral Antenna, calibrated(1-10GHz) EMCO/Hewlett Packard 1196G
Logic Analysis System Hewlett Packard 16500C
Multimeter Hewlett Packard 34401A
Experimental Pre-prototype Radio (2) Time-Domain 5007-0200
Sampling Oscilloscope, 8 GSa/s, w/ 256 kB Memory Hewlett Packard 54720D
Sampling Oscilloscope, 2-channel 50 GHz, w/ TDR Hewlett Packard 54750A
DC Power Supply, Heavy Duty Variable Hewlett Packard 6267B
Pulse Generator, 150 MHz Hewlett Packard 8110A
RF Power Sensor, 0.05 - 26.5 GHz (for pulsed signals) Agilent 8485A
Step Attenuator, 11dB (1 dB steps) Hewlett Packard 8494B
Step Attenuator, 70 dB (10 dB steps) Hewlett Packard 8495D
EMI Receiver w/ RF Filter Section Hewlett Packard 8546A
26 GHz Portable Spectrum Analyzer Hewlett Packard 8563E
RF Tracking Generator Hewlett Packard 85640A
Signal Generator (3.2 GHz) Hewlett Packard 8648C
Network Analyzer (0.05 - 20.05 GHz) w/ S-parameter test set Hewlett Packard 8720D
Network Analyzer (0.05 - 20.05 GHz) w/ T/R test set Agilent 8720ET
Vector Signal Analyzer, dual channel Agilent 89410A
Antenna Positioner (200 kg capacity, for anechoic chamber) Orbit AD-20R, BIB-100G
D-Dot Field Sensor w/ Balun Prodyn Technologies AD-20R, BIB-100G
Mobile Power Pack, 500 & 1000 W (2) Tripplite APS512, APS1024
Monocycle Pulser Avtech Electro Systems AVE1-PS
Bilog Antenna, calibrated (0.03 - 1 GHz) Chase CBL6111
Triple Output Variable Power Supply (2) T-Tech E3630A
RF Power Sensor, 0.05 - 26.5 GHz (for CW) Hewlett Packard E4413A
EPM Series Power Meter Hewlett Packard E4419A
4 GHz Signal Generator (w/ I/Q digital modulation capability) Agilent E4433B
High-pass Filter, 1 GHz cutoff TTE HC11-1000M
UWB Application Demo Radios (4) TimeDomain/Pulson N/A
Vaio Laptop Computer (2) Sony PCG992L
PC Workstation (for anechoic chamber) Dell Precision 330
GPS Receiver (w/ Low-Multipath Antenna) Novatel Propak-II-3151R
Low Noise Amplifier SCA SCA04/239
Digital Sampling Oscilloscope, w/ 20 GHz sampling module Tektronix TDS8000, 80E03
ThinkPad Laptop Computer (2) IBM ThinkPad i Series
Programmable Noise Generator NoiseCom UFX 7124
Ultra 2 Workstation (3) Sun Microsystems Ultra 2
Dimension XPS D333 Computer Dell XPS D333
RF Shielded Anechoic Chamber (30 x 15 x 15 ft.) AEMI / Braden DAC300AA06
In addition, the lab is stocked with power supplies, antennas, cables, calibration kits, attenuators, connectors, recording equipment, printer, tools, etc.
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