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        There are three types of data files which can be obtained as follows:

  • Individual Data Files
                     The individual data files are all stored as Zip files. These zipped files are grouped to indicate the sequence number. The details about  filenames and different co-oridnate systems used to measure these files are can found here.

 06.zip 15.zip  24.zip 42-52.zip
 16.zip  25.zip  53-56.zip
 08.zip  19.zip  26.zip  118-132.zip
 10.zip  20.zip  29.zip  148-162.zip
 11.zip  21.zip  30.zip  163-177.zip
 13.zip  22.zip  31.zip  uwb_mimo.zip
 14.zip  23.zip  32.zip  

  • Concatenated Data Files
                    The contcenated data files are generated from the individual data files. These individual data files can be used in conjunction with matlab scripts to generate these data files.  Some of the things to keep in mind while generating the concatenated files from the individual files are as follows:      

  1. The Matlab script must be in the same directory as the individual dataset which are available here (zip format). For list of all the matlab scripts see the table below.

  2. The Matlab script prompts the user to select between different transmission positions (STA) and receiver (TX) positions. The detailed description of these about these positions as well as different coordinate systems can be founded in the instructions file.

  3. The result of the concatenated file is stored under the “result” directory.         

  4.  seq01_concat_data.m seq11_concat_data.m  seq26_concat_data.m
     seq02_concat_data.m seq13_concat_data.m seq53_concat_data.m
     seq14_concat_data.m  seq54_concat_data.m
      seq23_concat_data.m  seq55_concat_data.m
     seq07_concat_data.m  seq24_concat_data.m  seq56_concat_data.m
    seq08_concat_data.m  seq25_concat_data.m  

  • FFT Files
                The fft data files are generated from the individual data files. To genrate fft data files please download this script.  The steps for generating these datafiles are similar to the concatenated data files. (Note: Please make sure to change the file extension to ".m"from ".txt" after download)
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