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USC Ranging Test


These measurements were made by Joon-Yong Lee in support of his research on UWB ranging issues and were published in IEEE JSAC paper and in his  Phd Thesis. The measurements were taken in the basement of the Electrical Engineering Building at USC (floor plan shown below).

                                                                 Fig. 1 Floor Plan Of the EEB basement

The transmitter was positioned in the Ultra Lab (the room in the lower left corner of the floor plan). The wall to the left of the door to this lab, and all of the exterior walls are reinforced cinder block, and interior walls are steel stud and dry wall construction. the floors along the direct transmission paths are metal-backed raised floor tiles. The ceilings contain considerable duct work and piping. The rooms in this area contain large quantities of metallic equipment. The square items shown in the floor plan, including the one in the middle of the UltRa Lab, are reinforced concrete support pillars.

The link distances were measured with the aid of the floor tiling pattern, and in the longest measurements could be off by at most an inch or so. A table of these measurements, keyed to the numbered receiver locations on the floor plan, is shown below:

Sample1 Sample @ Distance from Tx (in meter)
JBA1_1 JBA1_2   1.83
JBA2_1   JBA2_2  2.73
 JBA3_1  JBA3_2  4.47
 JBA4_1  JBA4_2  8.23
 JBA5_1  JBA5_2  7.47
 JBA6_1  JBA6_2  5.17
 JBA7_1  JBA7_2  9.29
 JBA8_1  JBA8_2  13.31
 JBA9_1  JBA9_2  13.93
JBA10_1   JBA10_2  14.45
 JBA11_1  JBA11_2  16.65
 JBA12_1  JBA12_2  18.91
 JBA13_1  JBA13_2  21.21
 JBA14_1  JBA14_2  23.53
 JBA15_1  JBA15_2  26.47
 JBA16_1  JBA16_2  26.06
JBA17_1   JBA17_2  25.86
 JBA18_1  JBA18_2  28.28

Each of the measurements is contained in two files that represent measurements in two consecutive time windows. each 200 ns long. The measurement process was triggered by cable, supplying a constant time reference for the process. The logged measurements are the average of 512 traces to reduce measurement noise. More information is available in the file headers.

WinZip File containing all the above files.
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