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Grad Students

Grad Students

Halford, Thomas Rhys
Research Area:
Chu, Ta-Shun
Education: M.S., National Taiwan University, Taiwan,  2002
Research Area: Silicon-based UWB Integrated Antenna Arrays for High Resolution Imaging.
Roderick, Jonathan
Education: M.S., University of Southern California, Los Angeles, 2002
Research Area: UWB Front-End Circuits in CMOS.
Krishnaswamy, Harish
Education: M.S., University of Southern California, Los Angeles, 2003
Research Area: Integrated RF, UWB, and Millimeter Wave Phased Arrays, High-Quality On-Chip Passives on Silicon
Medi, Ali
Education: MS, University Of Southern California, 2003
Research Area: Analog circuit design, UWB Hardware - Design of UWB receiver.
Chang, SangHyun
Education: BS,Seoul National University, 2000
Research Area: Channel Propagation Modeling of Ultra-Wide Band.
Chen, Yenming
Education: MSEE, Polytechnic University, 1995
Research Area: Oscillator modelling for UWB synchronization.
Lerdworatawee, Jongrit
Education: M.Eng., National University Of Singapore, 2000
Research Area: UWB front-end reciever.
Lewis, Terry
Education: MSEE, City college Of New York, 1996
Research Area: UWB Signal Synthesis Design.
Nemati Anaraki, Majid
Education: MS, University Of Tehran, Iran, 1999
Research Area: Indoor Propagation and Channel modeling, coding related issues.
Zogopoulos, Sotioros G.
Education: B.S.,Technical University Of Crete, Greece
Research Area: Design and Analysis of UWB transmitter.
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