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Choma, John
Education: PhD, Pittsburgh, 1969
Specialization: Devices and circuits; high frequency, ultralinear, low noise, active integrated circuit filters, modeling of CMOS and bipolar devices for RF circuits.
Hashemi, Hossein
Education: PhD, Caltech, Pasadena,  2003
Specialization: Radio Frequency, Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Integrated Circuits, Multi-Antenna Systems and Beam-Forming, Applied Circuit Theory
Chugg, Keith M.
Education: PhD, University of Southern California, 1995
Specialization: Signaling and receiver processing for digital communication and data storage systems.
Mitra, Urbashi
Education: PhD, Princeton University, 1994
Specialization: Wireless communications, code-division multiple-access, wideband signaling, space-time coding, adaptive algorithms, blind and semi-blind algorithms, wireless resource allocation.
Ortega, Antonio
Education: PhD, Columbia, 1994
Specialization: Digital image and video compression, communications.
Prata, Aluizio Jr.
Education: PhD, University of Southern California, 1990
Specialization: Applied electromagnetics; applications of electromagnetic theory to microwave, millimeter wave, infrared, and optical passive devices and antennas.
Scholtz, Robert
Education: PhD, Stanford, 1964
Specialization: Communication theory, spread-spectrum techniques, ultrawideband radio, pseudonoise generation, applications to communication and radar systems.
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